Dona Marianita Lucia de Leon y Valdez

Glantrian Ambassador to the court of Karameikos


A diminuative, pretty, darke eyed young woman. Dona Marianita always wears sumtuous gowns with elaborate headdresses in her long dark hair. She usually carries a fan to gesture with (and draw attention to herself) and many valuable looking rings. Her slightly pointed ears add to her air of mystery, and she claims to be of elven ancestry.


Dona Marianita likes being the centre of attemtion, and frequently upstages the rest of the court at official functions. She is quick tempered, but knwn to be soothed with flattery.
She is known to be a skilled practitioner of magic and must have studied at the Great School of Magic in Glantri

Dona Marianita Lucia de Leon y Valdez

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