Lucius Hyraksos

Admiral of the Karameikan navy


Average height and still in good physical shape for his 60 odd years (though now getting a little thicker round the middle). his black hair is now greying, and his hair and beard are usually dishevelled. He wears practical clothing where possible.


Hyraksos worked his way up through the Thyatian navy and became a good friend (and mentor) of the young Stephan Karameikos. He willingly accompanied Stephan to his new lands and was responsible for the creation and organisation of the new Karameikan military, functioning , in effect, as the Minister of War.
He is now the direct superior of all divisional commanders in the Karameikan military.
He has been married for 20 years to Katarina, a once famous Traladaran singer and entertainer.

Lucius Hyraksos

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