Patriarch Sherlane

Also known as Baron Halaran. He is the lord of Threshold


In his 60s, the baron is grey-haired with piercing blue eyes and a prominent jutting nose and firm wide chin.
Usually seen in plain blue clerical robes with no symbol of office. he often smiles, yet is still rumoured to swing his mace with vigour in defence of his faith or his town.


Sherlane Haloran is both Baron of Threshold and patriarch of the Church of Karameikos in the north of the Duchy. He accompanied Duke Stefan to Karameikos thirty years ago and has proved a popular ruler with both the native Traldar and the incomming Thyatians.
He is thought of as an enlightened ruler, many of his laws, such as the weapons ban and the restrictions on building have been proven to benefit Threshold many times over.

Patriarch Sherlane

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