Seer of the Lake of Lost Dreams

This semi legendary character has great power within the Dymrak Forest. He is the leader of the Watchers of Dymrak, and a powerful force opposing Evil.


Appearing as an old, grey bearded man in ragged robes, the Seer is a character in the many folk tales of the Dymrak Forest.


The Seer seems to wield power of both Arcane and Divine origin. He claims to act on behalf of the Immortals, especially Zirchev (indeed one of his titles is Zirchev’s Chosen).
He is the nominal head of the Watchers of Dymrak, though takes little active role in their day to day activities.
He seems bound by some pact or agreement to not take direct action against the Wytches of Dymrak, though he opposes their schemes constantly.
Some people claim that the Seer is an immortal being, though it is generally held that there have been many seers down the ages. Some well known Seers include Elias and Kerid Bey.

Seer of the Lake of Lost Dreams

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