The Historian

Inpirational figurehead of the One Forest Heresy in Dymrak


Amongst the Watchers is one who some call the Historian. He is very old, possibly older even than the elves. He may be a very old elf, perhaps an ent, or some other curious and rare woodland race. He preaches that once Dymrak covered all of Traladar. All incursions to the land have whittled away at the forest until it occupies its current pitiful extent.

Dymrak’s roots bind the land together. Should the forest ever be completely razed, disaster will befall Traladar. It will have been unbound, the deep forest magics that sustain it sundered forever. Some believe it will cease to be, and slip into the Sea of Dread leaving only the ring of mountains that surround it standing.

The heresy is tolerated because its followers are keen keepers of forest lore, and have historically been amongst its greatest defenders against the Witches of Dymrak.

Many One Foresters travel widely around Traladar in search of evidence of Dymrak’s former extent. There are copses believed to be Original Dymrak, where rites are practiced. Less popular are those who sometimes attack settlements encroaching on the forest, and yet others who extort excessive tithes from them for woodcutting permission.

The Historian

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