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  • Settlements of Darokin

    The many settlements of [[Darokin]] include; [[Darokin City]] [[Selenica]] [[Three Axe Pass]], a town of independently minded dwarves on the border with [[Karameikos]].

  • settlements of Darokin

    Darokin's many settlements include; The capital [[Darokin City]]. [[Akesoli]] on the western shores of [[Lake Amsorak]]. [[Akorros]] on the eastern lake shores. [[Ansimont]] in the south of the [[Streel Plain]]. The port city of [[Athenos]]. [[ …

  • Selenica

    Selenica is [[Darokin]]'s easternmost city. It controls trade with [[Karameikos]] and the Emirates of [[Ylaruam]]. Caravans from Selenica travel as far as [[Rockhome]]. Back to [[Darokin]]

  • Corunglain

    Corunglain guards Darokin's northern border with the [[Broken Lands]]. As a result the city is well fortified and seems constantly ready for war. Adventurers abound here as there are many opportunities; from guard duty to punitive raids against the …

  • Athenos

    Athenos is the greatest port in [[Darokin]], and is the most cosmopolitan city in the nation. It is said that if you stand on the docks for a day, you will see someone from every nation in the world (and that most of them will attempt to rob you or cheat …

  • Ansimont

    Ansimont is to the south of the [[Streel Plain]]. It is a city dedicated to supporting Darokin's rich agricultural industry. The impressive grain silos can be seen for miles across the plain. Back to [[Darokin]]

  • Akesoli

    Akesoli is the westernmost city in Darokin. It is well fortified against attack from those lands considered less 'civilized' further west. Back to [[Darokin]]

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