Languages Alphatian

Curency Crown (gp), Mirror (sp), Judge (cp), standard Alphatian coinage.

Government Semi-autonomous monarchy, owing allegiance to Alphatian empress.

Economy Logging, agriculture, scholarship (astronomy and astromancy), fine optical equipments, entertainment (acting, especially theatre).

Description Ambur is largely undeveloped. The terrain is largely flat with much pasture land and patches of light woodland.
The ruling class take a great interest in astronomy and leave the common people largely alone.
Ambur consists of six counties, Skyguard, Skyreach, Starfyre, Skyglint, Stardust and the island of Stargaze.

Notable Sites Starpoint in the county of Skyguard is the capital city of Ambur. It is home to a great many theatres.

Important People Ambur is ruled by Queen Elshethara, once an actress on the stages of Starpoint, who took over the throne when her parents abdicated. Her outbursts of temper have earned her the nickname ‘The Drama Queen’.

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