Highdell exists to serve the miners working in the mountains north of Threshold. The settlement is in the fiefdom of Sir Reynald, though he spends much time away in Threshold.
There has been some attempt to cultivate the land around, but Highdell relies on regular supplies from Threshold. The recent severe winters have proven a problem, and many residents have moved away, giving the place a semi-derelict feel.

Highdell nestles in a small canyon- like valley to the west of the main route of Three Axe Pass. The few farms that serve the settlement are found to either side of the track leading off the Pass Road. Highdell serves as the main human community in the area. A clan of dwarves live further north at Three Axe and others used to dwell nearby in Rolent.
Highdell also serves as a meeting place for the Galeb-Duhr who dwell in the mountains at Gorion.

Highdell boasts a fortified tower, a chapel dedicated to Halav (though followers of most good Immortals are welcome), a cave used as a site of worship by the Dwarven miners, an inn (The Pick and Shovel), a store providing the sort of goods a frontier town might require, a smithy, and the home of a renowned alchemist.
The residents of Highdell are a mix of humans and dwarves, though the latter see themselves as long-term visitors from nearby Three Axe Ford, rather than residents. A small selection of gnomes and hin make up the numbers.

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