The following rumours are heard in most places throughout teh Known World (and beyond). There is, of course, no guarantee as to their accuracy.

Early in the year, Emperor Thyincol went on some top secret mission accompanied by members of the Retebius Air Fleet.

Baron Ludwig von Hendricks has been having trouble recently with a dragon raiding the Black Eagle Barony.

Further afield, Thyatian soldiers, pushy at the best of times, have been increasingly aggressive, especially towards Alphatian soldiers.

Glantrian wizards seem to be out to prove themselves, challenging others to magical duels, especially Alphatian wizards.

Traders from the west report troubles in Sind.

Valen Karameikos is yet to return from his shearing, though there are reports he has been seen in both Ylaruam and Darokin.

Aggression between the major powers seems to be increasing, the Isle of Dawn especially is the focus of much sabre rattling between Thyatis and Alphatia.

The greatest tension seems to be between Alphatia and Glantri, with both sides accusing the other of various (usually unspecified) crimes.

The XIVth Legion under its prefect Senator Helenites Osteropolus, has been assigned to Thyatis City.

There is increasing unrest in Thyatis City among the poorer citizens. The focus of the current unrest is the declining standard of the daily bread rations.

The Bread Riots on the Emperor’s Birthday were caused by Alphatian agitators stirring up trouble.

Karameikan spies caused the riots to either cause a rift between the Grand Duke and the Emperor or to encourage the Emperor to invade the troublesome Grand Duchy.

An Undercity of shapeshifters has been stealing grain; hence the poor quality of the bread.

The severity of the riots was the result of poor military training

Members of the Street Cleaners Guild picked up some strange dragon like bodies in Axetown.

A murderous beast was on the loose during yesterday’s riots. The partially devoured corpse of an elderly woman was discovered near the docks at first light.

The Glantrians accused of General Torenal’s murder deny it.
Magical examination of their memories confirms that they met with the general but returned to their inn, leaving him in full health.

The Glantrians accused of General Torenal’s murder deny it.
Magical examination of their memories however shows that he angered them and they slew him, disintegrating his remains. They then got drunk to celebrate.

The Empress has been unable to get Torenal Raised or Resurected.

Empress Eriadna has had the Glantrians executed. Any stories about them are actually imposters.

The bodies of the dead clerics were riddled with Ethengarian arrows, it must have been the riders who killed them.

The slain Heldanners were asking for trouble, insulting the locals’ beliefs.

A Glantrian wizard survived the murderous assault on his fellows. He swears the killers wore Alphatian robes and spoke in that language.


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