Crimson Fleet

The Crimson Pirates appear to hunt the sea lanes on the Sea of Dread. They usually hunt in small numbers, one or two ships being the norm, though there are stories of whole fleets raiding coastal settlements. Most ships have a well trained crew and often a pirate able to use magic to help their mission, as well as a captain; the most successful pirate on board.
Though the Crimson Fleet use any ship they can get their hands on, the favourite seems to be a twin masted lateen rigged marauder. This rig allows the ship great maneuverability and considerable speed even into the wind.

They usually try to capture a ship and its crew rather than sink it, after all, why waste good slaves or prisoners for ransom? And more ships are always welcome.

There is no reliable intelligence as to who leads the Crimson Fleet. Likely they have an informal council of the more successful pirate captains.

The few pirates that have been captured and questioned have claimed that the Crimson Fleet is based in Scuttlecove, though if any authority knows where that is, they are keeping that secret. There are certain to be lesser Crimson Fleet bases in the Sea of Dread however, so sailor beware!

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Crimson Fleet

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